Jockstrap Men

jockstrap menMen and jockstraps have had an interesting story together and that story continues on to this day. A jockstrap is an athletic supporter worn by men which was designed in 1874 for bicycle jockeys. Since then, jockstrap and men have shared victory and defeat in the playing field of sports.

Jockstraps have grown from only being used for bicycle riding to now being used to any sport that would need a little support ‘down there’. jockstrap for menSome jockstraps are designed for specific sports, such as swim jocks which were designed for swimming, hockey jocks which were designed for hockey players and even for the goalie has extra padding. There are also jockstraps which can be worn during the winter.

Although jockstraps are not just for sports they are also worn for fashion and in the adult fantasy industry. Some jockstraps are designed with a pocket or pouch where a protective cup is placed. This is for men who play close contact sports and need more protection. These close contact sports include football, martial arts and basically any sport that would require close physical contact and places the athlete with a high probability of obtaining injury in the groin area.

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